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When I was a kid I liked to watch a detective program on TV. It was called Dragnet, and the main character on the program was a detective named Joe Friday. And I have remembered Friday’s approach to questioning witnesses. He would always try to draw them into constructive dialogue by saying: the facts ma’am, just the facts.Aside from it being only a half hour program, Friday didn’t want to listen to a lot of jabber. I like the approach, and I generally try to follow his example … ‘the facts ma’am, just the facts’.

During my time as WSSIC I have tried to stay ‘un’-political. First of all, I see where ‘politics’ are necessary in our present world where countries interact with other countries. But I also see a lot of ‘extra’ goings on which I view as ‘vanity’ … or useless jabber. I am reminded of the comment of the author of Walden Pond, Henry David Thoreau, who said: simplify, simplify, simplify. Of course, it makes me wonder … if he was wanting to simplify, why did he have to say it three times instead of just once? lol

The facts ma’am, just the facts.

Donald Trump … love him or hate him; kill him or protect him; and on and on. The question is how can one man almost single-handily stir up so many people? Heck, I don’t think that even a marriage between Elvis and Dolly Parton would have gotten that much attention. lol.

So, let’s review a bit of history and see if some significant ‘facts’ will pop up. I have lectured for years about the formation of the USA, and then about the formation of the US … two separate events. In brief, the united States of America became formal with the creation of the Constitution for the united States of America made public in 1789. Also, I have pointed out that the genesis for that Constitution was the Articles of Confederation. And that both documents were the results of the aggregate corporation we refer to as the USA which was created to carry the debts of the 13 original states or colonies to protect them from the alleged ‘creditors’ such as the Bank of England and the various Kings and Queens of Europe. Hence the Articles and Constitution can only be considered terms for a bankruptcy situation.

And a national bankruptcy lasts for 70 years which can be renewed if the previous bankruptcy has not been satisfied. So, from 1789 add 70 years and you come to 1859. To go into yet another bankruptcy, the government had to put up a surety and that was the cause of the Civil War as the southern states objected to their free hold land being put up as a surety. We know the results of that which we will come back to shortly. Now add 70 to 1859 and we come to 1929. Not having satisfied the conditions of the second bankruptcy, if the government wanted yet a 3rd bankruptcy, it would have to find yet another surety. And they did find a new surety … the people. Here we find the concept of ‘slavery’. This is an Old Testament (common law concept) that if someone had a debt that they could not pay, then they could go into slavery until the debt was paid off.

[This is not the same as the ‘involuntary servitude’ which was forced onto the Africans and the Irish and Chinese who came here.]

So, was the debt owed actually paid off during this 3rd bankruptcy? Yes. How was it done? It was done through the ‘pledge system’. A pledge is a ‘special’ pawn whereas the ‘title’ to a thing is held as surety until it is redeemed. Without going into a long discussion on this process, just let me point out that the ‘title’ pledged was the Birth Certificate and the subrogation created by the Social Security form 5 which attached the real man to the fictional man as on the Birth Certificate. This allowed the ‘creditors’ to deplete the estates of the people. [Let me refer to my DVD Reclaiming Your Status and Assets for a viable solution.]

Add 70 years to 1929 and we have … 1999. This was the end of the bankruptcy originally created by the Articles and Constitution. Pres. Bill Clinton even said: I am the last United States President.

But let’s back up a bit to the effects of the Civil War. It was un-Constitutional for the national government to wage war against the sovereign states (even though President/General Washington had waged war against the sovereign state of Pennsylvania previously … the Whiskey Rebellion). So, in order to wage war against the sovereign states, Lincoln had to create a ‘STRAW MAN’. It is what we would call a federal government in contrast to a national government. And this federal government, in order to finance a war against ‘all’ the states, went into debt.

So, from that point in time we actually had two governments operating within the borders of the country with many elected officials wearing ‘two hats’. I won’t go into a lot more details of that situation as I have spoken of this situation many times in the past. Where I am going with this is the situation post 1999.

Having described the successful completion of the bankruptcy stemming from the original by the Articles and Constitution, we need to turn our attention to the bankruptcy created by the Federal/STRAW MAN government. This bankruptcy was in the form of a reorganizational bankruptcy or what we call a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in today’s terminology.

[A ‘straw man’ as in real estate is a ‘front’ for the real owner/buyer. So, if the government wanted to take over the free hold of the South, they would have to create a STRAW MAN … and they did.]

As mentioned, the common law/Old Testament style bankruptcy ended in 1999, where are we at with this Chapter 11?

If what Pres. Clinton said, that he was the last president is credible, what can we say for Bush, Obama, and … Trump?

Eventually, the federal STRAW MAN evolved in a corporation out of Puerto Rico known as the US Inc. It would take pages and pages to fully explain all of that … if it could be explained correctly at all. But in a Chapter 11, the party which files it is in the position known as Debtor in Possession which in effect acts as the trustee like in a typical Chapter 7. So, the US Inc. fills the role as Debtor in Possession, and as long as they operate correctly they can maintain that position.

But what happens if the Debtor in Possession fails in their responsibility? Well, the US Inc. actually was failing, so somewhere around 2013-2014 the US Inc. as Debtor in Possession went into receivership. The receiver was the Queens Council in Switzerland. In other words, if the US Inc. wanted to continue to do business as the Debtor in Possession they had to answer to the receiver who would determine if everything was being handled properly.

It appears that the US Inc. didn’t do so well, and in the spring of 2016 it had to come up with $440 billion to stay in the bankruptcy … and they could not make the payment. (It would take me a long time to explain why they couldn’t come up with the money but it had to do with validity of the Federal Reserve Notes scam that had gone on for years and years.) So, on May 2, 2016 the US Inc. went into default … so now instead of being in a reorganizational bankruptcy it was rolled over into a Chapter 7 liquidation.

What does this have to do with Bush, Obama, and Trump?

Let me explain. With Clinton as the last President, but the continuation of the STRAW MAN Chapter 11, Bush, Obama, and Trump could only be considered the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the US Inc. But, so that the illusion could be perpetrated on the people, they acted like things were as usual. So, these three named individuals were called ‘president’ basically to keep the people ‘in the dark’.

And this should be evident to those who understand corporate operations. The real power in a corporation is the Chairman of the Board. The CEO plays second-fiddle to the Chairman. In the illusion that we call the Chairman the Vice President. Hmm … every wonder why Dick Cheney was the VP when it was obvious that he was much more experienced than Bush, Jr.? Dick knew where the real power was. And how about VP Biden who had dual citizenship? And it is interesting to watch VP Pence … why did Trump select him, or was Pence selected by parties unknown?

Okay here is the sequence. Bush comes in as CEO and stages the coup on 9/11 and starts all of these foreign wars. Obama came in and proceeds to bankrupt the country rolling ‘us’ further and further in debt. Finally, Trump was ‘selected’ with the default coming up to clean up the mess. Trump’s favorite words are: YOU’RE FIRED. And that is exactly what he has been doing.

As further proof that Trump is only a CEO go back and listen to when he swore in … he took the Article II oath and not the Article VI oath. He is only the Pres./CEO of the US Inc., which went into default on May 2nd! How long will CEO Donald (you’re fired) Trump remain in that position? Not long. When he has done all the firing needed there will be some ‘story’ concocted and he will leave office.

Then the military with Gen. Dunford as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will come in and we will finally have a new republic and fair elections. My ‘insider’ told me that this would happen in the spring, spring starting on March 21-22 through June 21-22

My ‘insider’ also told me that only the “pure in heart” would be allowed to run for office. Hallelujah!!!

Of course, that pre-supposes that someone with a pure heart can be found. lol As for myself I am looking for a ‘grandmother’. No one messes with Grandma … ever. Look at how the Grandpas have messed things up. I don’t think we need more of that. And Grandma makes good cookies. We need some good cookies to heal the nation. I am hoping for oatmeal/raisin. Things are looking up. Our expectations of a better world are fast upon us. Finally, the freedom of all nations will be ours.

The facts ma’am, just the facts.

With gratitude for all those who have contributed so much,

Winston Shrout



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